Family Law Solicitors – Legal Aid

Legal aid for family law is available to those who have a serious problem and cannot afford to pay for the associated legal costs. Not all cases are taken to court, however, in some situations this is the followed procedure and some families may not be in a position to afford the expense.

Using the legal aid for family solicitors is then possible, however, one have to be able to show that his or her case is one that deserves such treatment.

Our family law solicitors for legal aid work with vulnerable families or individuals who will benefit the most from this type of help offered by the authorities. We do wish to outline that the legal aid offered in this manner targets the legal costs, for example those to start the legal proceedings and will cover (most of the times, in part) the costs for working with our team of family law solicitors.

We briefly touch on the subject regarding legal aid for family law below and we invite those who are interested to reach out to us for more details.

What are the situations in which one can get legal aid?

Legal aid can be of tremendous help when one is in a serious or potentially dangerous domestic situation and, without this state aid, he or she would be unable to resolve the problem. The aid can cover the costs for getting legal advice for a team of solicitors, just as well as it can cover the costs for court representation.

Family law solicitors for legal aid, such as our team, specialize in counselling individuals who are included in the eligibility categories on how to apply for and benefit from this aid.

Examples in which one can get legal aid include the following:

  • risk of violence: the individual is possibly at risk of great physical harm from domestic violence or forced marriage;
  • risk of homelessness: when the person risks eviction and homelessness/losing one’s home altogether if legal proceedings are not used to stop this;
  • criminal sentence: the individual has been accused of a crime and faces prison and is unable to pay for the legal counsel or court representation that would help him or her;
  • other situations: one’s case can be brought under the Human Rights Act or one has been discriminated against.

Asking for legal aid for family law solicitors can be a common scenario in which one accesses this aid. The support thus provided can be especially important in many family law cases than can include divorce or escaping an abusive relationship.

One should note that a case qualifies for legal aid depending on its type and the specific financial circumstances of the applicant. This is to say that the family or individual asking for aid must provide adequate information about the income per household.

It is useful to point out that even if awarded, legal aid may not cover the entire costs of the case. The Legal Aid Agency has a role to play in awarding the aid and administering the case. Our team of solicitors specialising in family law can give you more details.

What can you get for legal aid in the UK?

 The following types of civil legal services can be available:

  • legal help;
  • help at Court;
  • help with family mediation;
  • legal representation in certain types of proceedings such as those in the Health, Education and Social Care Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal.

 Our team of family law solicitors for legal aid knows how to check if one is eligible for legal aid and will provide interested individuals in England with all the needed information on how to proceed, should their case prove to be eligible.

What are the income and capital limits for legal aid for family law?

In order to qualify, the general agreement is that the client’s gross income must be 2,657£ per month or less. However, a higher limit applies to those who have more than four dependant children. The following monthly gross income caps are in place:

  • 2,657£ for families with no to 4 dependant children;
  • 2,879£ for families with 5 dependant children;
  • 3,101£ for families with 6 dependant children;
  • 3,545£ for families with 8 children;
  • for families with 9 or more children, an additional 222£ per month for each child is considered.

Individuals who receive Income Support, Income Based Jobseeker’s allowance, Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance, Guarantee Credit or Universal Credit satisfy the conditions for receiving civil legal services.

When you choose to work with us, our team of family law solicitors apply for legal aid on your behalf and for those who qualify the government paid the costs directly.

Our services

Because Family Law covers a broad spectrum of issues related both to starting a life together and ending the partnership, it is preferable to work with a lawyer who specializes in your area of interest. Our team of family law solicitors in London brings together experts who have worked in all areas of Family Law, from divorce and international divorce to domestic violence to cohabitation, same-sex relationships in the UK and financial issues. Between them, our lawyers have valuable years of experience and can help you with any matter covered by the UK Family Law.

Some examples of our services are listed below:

  • Living together: our specialists can provide you with details about getting married, the registration process for a civil partnership and can help you draw up pre-nuptial agreements;
  • Divorce: specialized legal assistance from our divorce solicitors in London and legal aid for sorting financial issues;
  • Children: child maintenance issues after a divorce, child custody as well as issues related to child abuse;
  • Domestic violence: we provide specialized legal aid to victims of domestic violence and abuse;
  • Inheritance: our solicitors can help you with information about inheritance, wills, the rules of intestacy and other matters.

If you would like to know more about a particular issue described above, please feel free to reach out to our family solicitors in London. Our experts can provide you with the right aid no matter the stage of the relationship you are in. We also provide services for individuals in same-sex relationships regarding issues that may concern living together in the UK, civil partnership agreements and civil partnership dissolution/divorce.

Contact us if you required legal aid for family law solicitors. We can help you with information about your case and the projected costs.