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Emergency Solicitors Specialized in Family Law

Emergency Solicitors Specialized in Family Law

We are a team of experienced family solicitors who can provide emergency services upon request. Timely legal action is preferable in many situations, not only those involving family law, however, this is a particular legal field in which the safety and the wellbeing of a family member or that of a child or children can benefit from the support offered by a team of emergency solicitors in family law, such as those at our firm.

We understand that many family situations can be complicated and that in some scenarios, the victim of abuse is unable to detach from the other party for various reasons that may include but are not limited to financial support. If you believe that you are in danger or if you need immediate legal counsel for a particular family law issue, our team is ready to answer all of your questions.

As part of our emergency family law solutions, you will also be able to discuss your case with a London divorce lawyer from our team. While your first concern should be related to seeking aid to ensure your and your children’s safety (as applicable), knowing what your options are in terms of separation and divorce is also an important second step and our team is here to answer your questions.

Services offered by our emergency solicitors in family law

If you are a victim of abuse, knowing your legal rights and how you can stop the abuser from continuing the harmful behaviour is an important first step in taking action. Even though the situation may seem desperate or it may look like you have no options, a lawyer from our team can help you with personalized information on your rights and options.

Taking emergency action in cases involving children is even more important, not only for their emotional development and safety but also because, as a parent, failure to take proper and timely action to protect one’s child may be seen unfavourable by Court, in child custody cases as well as in other situations.

Some of the services provided by our emergency solicitors in family law include the following:

  1. Obtaining an emergency protection order: awarded in exceptional situations, it offers the parent the right to remove the child from their current location as well as limits parental responsibility for the child to the parent who applied for the order;
  2. Apply for an injunction: if you were the victim of domestic abuse, an injunction court order protects you and/or your child from the individual who abused you; it is also called a non-molestation order;
  3. Apply for a restraining order: can be made on conviction or acquittal of any criminal offence and are used to protect the names persons; they are used in domestic situations;
  4. Obtain an order for antisocial behaviour: these are the Community Protection Notice or the Criminal Behaviour Order and are used to stop persons antisocial behaviour.

Our emergency solicitors specialized in family law can give you more details on the punishments for antisocial behaviour and the court orders used to protect children.

Domestic abuse is both physical and non-physical (emotional or financial) and it has severe consequences on the abused party, both physical in some cases as well as emotional or mental problems. If you are a victim, our team can help you follow the steps to report the abuse and take legal action to protect yourself.

Statistical data on abuse presented by our emergency solicitors in family law

In the UK, the data shows that in the year ending in March 2019 an estimated percentage of 5.7% of adults experienced domestic abuse. The data from the Office for National Statistics reveals the following data for England and Wales:

  • Police records: a total of 1,316,800 domestic abuse crimes and incidents were recorded;
  • A year-on-year increase: our of the total number, 746,219 police cases were recorded as domestic-abuse related crimes, an increase of 24% compared to the year ending in March 2018;
  • Arrests: the police made 32 arrests per 100 domestic-abuse related crimes;
  • Charging rate: this was 74% in the year ending in March 2019, only a small decrease from the previous year (76%).

In the year ending in March 2018, the Crime Survey for England and Wales indicated that an estimated 4.5% of adults ages 16 to 59 years had experienced partner abuse. Female victims reported higher levels of non-physical abuse and sexual assault, compared to male victims. According to the same survey, approximately one-quarter of partner abuse victims were subject to physical injury as a result of victimisation.

Do not wait until a certain dangerous or disagreeable family situation escalates to a point at which it is difficult to handle. Speedy legal advice is available upon request from our team. You can receive legal aid and representation that will help you escape a dire situation.

Contact our emergency solicitors in family law today or as soon as you are able to in order to schedule an appointment. We will provide adequate, fast, and reliable legal aid irrespective of the urgency of the task.