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Domestic Violence Solicitors in London

Domestic Violence Solicitors in London

Domestic abuse is defined as the behaviour of one person against another, in any type of relationship, that is used to gain and maintain power and control. It can include economic abuse, psychological, emotional, physical or sexual abuse as well as behaviour that is violent or threatening as well as controlling or coercive.

Victims of domestic abuse can seek specialized legal aid from our domestic violence solicitors in London. Together with our help, you can find out how you can protect yourself and the legal options you have to exit the relationship and limit contact with the abuser.

How is domestic abuse determined?

Domestic abuse, or domestic violence, can take many forms between individuals who are or have been family members or intimate partners, irrespective of age. Abusive behaviour can include physical and sexual ones, however, it is not limited to these, and many types of abuse are psychological or emotional, with elements of violence and coercive behaviour.  If you believe that are in an abusive relationship, our domestic abuse solicitors in London can help answer some important questions.

Economic abuse is also included in this broad definition, and it is the act performed by one individual over another that seriously affects the victim’s ability to acquire, use or maintain money or property or obtain goods or services.

Domestic violence cases can often mean that the victim of the violence will wish to get out of the abusive relationship as fast as possible. Our divorce lawyer in London can answer your questions about the divorce process, your ability to apply for a restraining order, and any other details that may be helpful for your situation. Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.

What are the laws on domestic violence in the UK?

The Domestic Abuse Act was signed into law at the end of April 2021, allowing victims to benefit from strengthened measures, such as one that helps prevent intimidation. It includes information on how domestic abuse is defined, how children who are victims are treated as well as data on the role and function of the Domestic Abuse Commissioner, appointed by the Secretary of State.

The Act includes important information on the powers for dealing with domestic abuse, such as protection notices and protection orders. Our team of domestic violence solicitors in London can give you more information on these orders, their types, and how victims of domestic abuse have the right to receive support from the local authorities.

The law also offers information on offences that involve abusive or violent behaviour that is committed outside the UK.

How can you report domestic abuse? Can your domestic abuse solicitors in London help me?

Domestic abuse and/or violence is reported to the police. Victims can also refer to organizations that offer help, in addition to discussing their legal options with one of our specialized solicitors.  In case of emergency or immediate danger, we encourage all victims to call 999. Domestic abuse affects men and women alike, immigrants or refugees as well as children. You should always be aware that being in an abusive relationship is not acceptable, that you have rights, and that the aggressor’s behaviour should not be justified, and repeated offences should not be permitted.

Our domestic abuse solicitors in London can assist victims of domestic abuse and our lawyers are prepared to answer your questions and start all and any legal proceedings, including applying for the protection order.

Victims should keep in mind that legal aid, provided by the Government, is available in certain cases. Our lawyers can help you find out if you qualify and will provide legal assistance accordingly.

According to the Office for National Statistics, it was estimated that 2.3 million adults in England and Wales, aged 16 to 74, experienced domestic abuse in the year ending March 2020. Other data presented by our lawyers shows the following:

  • more women are victims, compared to men: 1.6 million women and 757,000 men were affected in the aforementioned period;
  • the police recorded an increase of 9% in the number of abuse-related crimes: 758,941 crimes in England and Wales, without date from the Greater Manchester Police;
  • the charging rate was 73%: this is a decrease compared to the previous two years, 74% in 2019 and 76% in 2018;
  • there was a general increase in the demand for domestic abuse support for victims during the coronavirus pandemic: calls lodged by the National Domestic Abuse Helpline grew by 65% between April and June 2020, compared to the first three months of the year; the increased demand was noticeable following the ease of lockdown measures that took place mid-May.

We can help you if you are a victim of domestic abuse. Adequate response, interventions and, as needed, quality legal services, are of great importance for victims. Contact our domestic abuse solicitors in London as soon as you are safe and able to so that we may answer your questions.