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Divorce Lawyers for Men

Divorce Lawyers for Men

Divorce is more than the end of a marriage. It can be both a complicated legal process, during which the former spouses will try to settle in their favour, as well as a tumultuous time during which both former partners will need to rearrange their lives. The process becomes more complicated when children are involved as most parents will agree that the best interest of the children should have priority.

A divorce lawyer in London from our team specializes in father’s rights in the UK and can represent man in divorce proceedings. Being legally represented by a lawyer during the divorce is not mandatory, however, it is advisable. Moreover, discussing with a lawyer specialised in divorce and separation can provide you with essential information on how you should proceed, as well as the extend of your rights and your obligations.

Working with a divorce lawyer for men is helpful as men are more likely to lose custody of their children. A specialised solicitor will also be able to advise men who are also facing financial difficulties because of the divorce on how to balance child support with their own needs.

Do you need a special divorce lawyer as a man?

The short answer would be “yes”. A solicitor who specialises in paternity rights will be able to advise you on how to proceed during the divorce in order to not lose contact with your child or children. The rights of the father are not the same as those of the mother, especially if the two are not married when the child is born.

During the process of divorce or separation, a divorce lawyer for men can help the father understand his custody and visiting rights, his parental responsibility and many other issues.

In all divorce cases involving children, the law will focus on the most suitable option for the children, and on helping them maintain a relationship with both parents (if this does not put them in danger). When the parents cannot agree on custody matters, the court will issue a Child Arrangements Order. When this is the case, a directions hearing will take place between the parents and a family court adviser from the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.

How can our divorce lawyer for men help you?

Courts can sometimes treat divorce cases unfairly and solicitors can also be biased towards women in some cases. You do wish to work with a lawyer who will be approachable and impartial and who will maintain a sound approach during the divorce proceedings.

We help our clients in and out of court, meaning that we can help you reach a settlement with your former wife through mediation or that we can represent you in court, should there be no alternative. An amicable approach is always recommended and having a divorce lawyer for men at your side during the negotiations can help keep maintain an unprejudiced environment.

Family situations can be intricate and sometimes it may very well be recommended (or required) to perform a paternity test in order to determine your rights. We can help prepare your case and avoid a situation in which the mother of the child would wish to claim child benefits even if the paternity of the child is unclear.

We can also help you if your spouse makes untrue accusations, such as an untrue harassment claim. It is important to seek specialised assistance in this case as these accusations can have a tremendous impact in your divorce case.

As far as the division of matrimonial assets is concerned, the court will aim for a fair and equal division, however, this does not always mean that a 50/50 division. The needs of each party are taken into consideration, as well as the needs of the child and the future earnings of each party. Our divorce lawyer for men will know how to help you so that an equal division of assets takes place.

When should you contact us?

Divorce is not easy on either of the former spouses. In addition to this, men can sometimes feel like they can receive unfair treatment during the divorce proceedings as the mother will be favoured for custody. In those cases in which you believe that the mother, your former spouse, is unfit to hold custody, our divorce lawyer for men can help you during the legal proceedings.

Our team is well aware that men deal with different issues during a divorce. We can help sort the legal matters so that you can focus on building your life back up.

You should reach out to us as soon as you have been served the divorce papers or as soon as you are thinking of divorce, if you are the one to initiate the process.

Divorce in the UK

According to the office for national statistics, the number of divorces increased in 2019 compared to 2018. The data shows the following:

  • Opposite-sex couples divorces: 107,599, representing an 18.4% increase compared to the number of divorces in 2018;
  • Divorces per married men: the rate increased to 8.9 divorces per 1,000 married men and women aged 16 and over;
  • The motive for divorce: unreasonable behaviour is the most common reason, with 35% of men using these grounds for divorce;
  • Marriage duration: the average duration of the marriage at the time of divorce was 12.3 years.

Contact our divorce lawyer for men if you are getting a divorce and need tailored legal services.