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Child Solicitors

Child Solicitors

Our child solicitors in London offer efficient solutions for solving any disputes that involve children after the separation of their parents, whether they are of a financial or practical nature. We understand that a divorce has an undeniable impact on the former couple’s children, this is why our specialists strive to provide reliable solutions that will help ease the hardship during the initial stages of the separation and throughout the transition period.

Speaking to a professional is recommended in all cases, how only when the couple has one or more children. Nonetheless, seeking specialized assistance, from one of our child solicitors who are versed in the law regarding children, namely the Child Act 1989, is advisable in order to provide the best possible solutions for the minors in the given situation.

Discussing your situation with our London divorce lawyer is advisable irrespective of the divorce process phase you find yourself in. You can reach out to our lawyers as soon as you decide to get a divorce, and do not have to wait until child-related matters come up. When the former spouses cannot agree on important issues concerning the wellbeing of their children, the services of a lawyer are enlisted.

Child Law in UK

The Children Act 1989 sets forth the main provisions for the welfare of the child as well as parental responsibility. Part II of this Act defines issues that are of interest in case of divorce or family proceedings in general. They refer to child arrangements orders as well as enforcement orders.

Below, our child solicitors briefly summarize the main issues that are defined in this important Act:

  • Child welfare: when the court is involved in making any ruling on the upbringing of a child or his property, his welfare is of paramount consideration; the feelings of the child (as per his age and understanding) as well as his physical, emotional and educational needs are taken into consideration, along with several other important issues;
  • Parental responsibility: all the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority granted by law to a parent of a child in relation to the child and his property; included here are also the powers and duties of a guardian on the child’s estate;
  • Childs arrangements orders: the court’s order that regulates with whom the child will live or have contact as well as how the child is to live or spend time in joint custody;
  • Enforcement orders: apply to child arrangements orders when the court is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that an individual has failed to comply with the provisions of the child arrangements order;
  • Financial relief: orders for financial relief with respect to children; our child solicitors can provide you with more details.

The Children Act also includes important information on special guardianship, family assistance orders, the protection of children, arrangements for fostering children, day care for young children as well as many other issues.

When you choose to work with our child solicitors, we will make sure that the welfare of the child or children comes first and foremost and we will observe the rule of law as defined in this Act as well as any other additional, relevant laws and acts.

Specialized assistance from our child solicitors

Our team of divorce solicitors who also specializes in child issues is ready to assist you in solving any financial or practical matter related to the welfare of the child or children once the divorce proceedings have begun. Depending on the family’s particular situation, as well as if the divorce was amicable or not, the parents may have one or more issues to negotiate in regards to their children once the separation is complete.

Calculating child maintenance is an important issue with which our child solicitors can help you make an arrangement that will be mutually beneficial and, above all, will be in the best interest of your child or children.

Working with a mediator is also an option during the initial negotiation, however, when an arrangement cannot be agreed upon, contacting our solicitors is the next step that will allow you to sort out the issues that concern your children.

The Office for National Statistics offers important historical statistical data in families in the United Kingdom. The following numbers presented by our solicitors refer to the estimated number of families with dependent children:

  • in 2017 there were 7,983,000 families with dependent children in the UK;
  • out of these, 3,600,000 families had one child and 3,185,000 had two dependent children;
  • families with five or more children were the less numerous in 2017, a total of 70,000;
  • by comparison, the number of families with one dependant child was lower in 2016 (3,560,000) and in the same year, there were more families with two dependent children (3,218,000).

Contact our child solicitors today for more information on how we can help you make an arrangement on child maintenance and other important issues concerning the child’s living, education, and wellbeing.